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WordPress Security Package

Hacking Activity is at  a “UNPRECEDENTED” level says: FBI, CIA, and GCHQ

……Even the lowest traffic blogs are attacked 100’s of times per month

Hacking is at a record high, over 45% of webmasters say word press security is just to complicated, and  most wordpress users are running out dated versions!

If your running a word press site and have done nothing about security, either your site has already been hacked or it will be.  Today most wordpress hacks are done by bots which gather information from spiders crawling your site. They look for specific information so they know how to exploit your site.

We have put together a comprehensive package to protect your word press blogs. We will install and configure several new plugins to protect you from all the most common types of WP attacks.

  • Brute Force Protection – Stops attackers from trying to crack your WP password. (This attack is resource intensive & could slow down your website)
  • Firewall – Protects against XSS, RFI, CRLF, CSRF, Base64, Code Injection and SQL Injection hacking attempts.
  • Security Scanner – Provides additional tips on things that can be done to secure your word press blog.
  • Malware Scanner – Looks for malware on your website.
  • Spider Management – Block bad spiders, throttle good spiders to improve performance, block hackers/spammers using project honeypots database.
  • Automatic Plugin Updates – Have plugins updated automatically.
  • Review of file and directory permissions – We will lock down key directories and files.

Only $19.95

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