Resource Protecting Technology

Resource Guardian


We use the latest software technology allowing us to provide a more reliable hosting experience by protecting are customers against the bad neighbor effect. The ultimate result is an extremely stable server environment and a much better customer experience


Lightweight Virtualized Environments vs Traditional Shared Hosting

Traditional shared hosting environments offer no control over individual tenants in the event of a resource spike. If one tenant suddenly experiences a big resource spike from a large amount of traffic, poorly written script, or a denial of service attack, all the other tenants on the server can be affected.

We isolate each tenant so that no matter what; the tenant can never have an adverse effect on the entire server, so during a sudden resource spike. All other tenants are left unaffected! Each tenant is given access to there CPU, Memory, and processing reports right from their cPanel web control.


  • Provides protection from abusive users that intentionally or unintentionally consume too many server resources.
  • The features and technology are similar to those used in are Virtual Private Servers  at a shared hosting price!
  • Provides a much more consistent user experience without the ups and downs usually associated with a shared hosting account.