Domain Name Servers

Our domain name servers or DNS to point your domain/s to are:




Secure transactions

SSL Certificates (Secure Socket Layer)

Q: How many SSL Certificates can I have per Ecommerce account?

A: We can provide one SSL (secure socket layer) certificate per account. A SSL certificate needs to be assigned to a domain that is on it’s own dedicated IP, so please submit a request for a dedicated IP first, then once the domain has propagated over to the new dedicated IP address, then submit an SSL certificate for that domain.

Q: How can I have more SSL Certificates for different sites?

A: As with ordering addition dedicated IP’s. Simply order a new E-commerce account for each domain you want a SSL certificate.  Order a new hosting package and you get a completely separate Cpanel hosting account and submit a ticket requesting a dedicated IP, then submit a ticket requesting an SSL cert once the domain is on the new IP address.

Q: What type of SSL’s do you provide?

A: It’s a Globasign Cert, one of the market leaders on the SSL scene – normal price is $49.95 per certificate.


Dedicated I.P’s

Q: How many dedicated IP’s can I have per account?

A: We can provide one dedicated IP address per Ecommerce account.  Once a dedicated IP address is assigned to a domain, if that domain is your main hosting account, (the primary domain you chose when ordering your hosting) then all subsequent add-on domains will also share that dedicated IP address.

Q: How can I have more than one dedicated IP for additional sites?

A:  Simply order a new E-commerce hosting account for additional dedicated IP’s.  Order a new hosting package and you get a completely separate Cpanel hosting account and submit a ticket requesting dedicated IPs.


Free Scripts & Templates

Q: Do you provide support for setting up the “Website Extra” scripts and web templates you provide?

A: No sorry we do not provide support for the add on scripts and templates. But most of the scripts etc have their own websites where you can contact them or view their support forums for help. Or try a Google search and 99% of the time you’ll find helpful answers to common problems you might encounter.

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