Cloud Technology



How The Cloud Works

Traditional hosting servers run applications in a linear design without extensive redundancy or scalability. The traditional method, until now, when hosting a server or web site is to place it on a single computer. Although the hardware on this computer may have some limited redundancy such as a RAID disk drive, it is eventually going to have some form of business disruption from:

  •  Loss of Power
  •  Hardware Failure
  •  Human Error
  •  Software Crash

This type of event could cost your business significantly in lost data, lost time, and lost business.

With InDigitalSpace cloud hosting solutions, the single point of failure is now replaced by a scalable, on-demand network of computing resources. All hosted in Enterprise grade data centers with redundant ultra-high capacity network connections, on-site generators, precision cooling systems, and green-friendly practices. The single server design model is now being replaced by sophisticated SAN (Storage Area Network) file servers, multiple clustered HyperVisor virtualization based systems, and control module nodes that ensure a reliable, always-available environment.